It is our hope that every family who sincerely desires to have their children attend LKNC will be able to do so, regardless of their financial situation.

Priority consideration will be given to students currently enrolled in classes with vacancies.

The services of FACTS Tuition Aid Assessment are used to collect and assess the needs of families who request tuition assistance. FACTS Tuition Aid is an unbiased third-party company that considers both family income and actual expenses in their secure, online assessment system. 


Applicants for tuition assistance must:
  • Enroll their child or children at LKNC before applying for tuition assistance.
  • Complete the FACTS Tuition Aid online application process by April 15th, or within one week for later enrollments.
  • This process involves an additional fee to FACTS Tuition Aid, complete disclosure of household income and expenses, and the most recent, prior year's tax documents. Extenuating circumstances not provided through this process should be communicated to ensure that the Financial Aid Committee of LKNC has all the information needed to make a fair and accurate grant decision.
Please know that financial aid may be forfeited if the family does not adhere to the policies of the school contract, if the student is placed on probation for academic, behavior or attendance deficiencies, or the account balance is more than 30 days past due. LKNC is a registered participant with the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Act. For qualifying families, these scholarships award up to $5,900 per student. Please contact the school for more information or visit