Lake Norman Christian School is a non-profit organization, completely dependent upon tuition and donations as its principal sources of income. Financial aid is available in cases of demonstrated need. Tuition payments are handled by FACTS tuition management. Through FACTS, parents establish automatic bank payments from their checking, savings, or credit card accounts; tuition is paid in ten monthly installments (August - May).  Tuition does not cover supplies, sports participation, clubs, tutoring, damaged textbooks or equipment, yearbook, uniforms, or field trips. 


Registration Fee

  • All students, without exception, must pay the registration fee upon submission of the application.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-prorated except for non-acceptance by Lake Norman Christian School.
  • Re-enrolling students must fill out a re-enrollment form and pay the registration fee to guarantee placement for the following school year.

Curriculum and PTF Fees

  • Curriculum and PTF Fees are non-refundable.  (Billed in June and due before July 15.)

Please note:

  • All LKNC families are required to enroll in our online billing system (FACTS).
  • Accounts must be kept current to remain eligible for any discounts offered.
  • Registration, Curriculum and PTF fees are not eligible for discounts and must be paid in full prior to the first day of school for a student to be considered enrolled for that school year.
  • Tuition Discounts
    • Financial aid may be available in cases of demonstrated need. Our financial aid committee reviews requests that are submitted through the FACTS link.   Anyone receiving need-based financial assistance is not eligible for the further discounts listed below.
    • sibling discount of 15% applies beginning with the second child enrolled. Siblings must be under the same legal guardian(s). The oldest student is charged full tuition and then sibling discounts are calculated.
    • An early payment discount of 2% applies if the entire year’s tuition is paid on or before May 31st, 2022.   (Prepayment discounts (when applicable) are calculated after any sibling discount.)