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Dr. Wes Johnston

Head of School

  • Lifetime Professional Administrator Certification by ACSI
  • Doctoral Studies in School Administration, California Coast University, CA
  • DMin from Bangor Theological Seminary, ME
  • MDiv from Andrews University, MI
  • BA from Southern Adventist University, TN

missing-Student ID-14Christ is referred to in the name Lake Norman Christian School.  It is my desire that Jesus Christ is honored in all things at LKNC, and that the school is recognized for its Christian integrity and values.

When I graduated from high school, my adulthood began by partnering with my dad as an electrical contractor and alarm installer.  I also took business management courses at a local college. I felt called to full-time pastoral ministry and completed a college degree in theology. As a college student, I worked for Little Debbie Snack Cakes (Little Debbie McKee and I were in some of the same classes).  Upon graduation, I began pastoring in Maine, then New Hampshire and Washington. Discovering much satisfaction in serving children and youth, I transitioned to school chaplaincy and finally to administration. I love learning, therefore teaching is a natural and pleasurable passing-along of knowledge and skills.

Because LKNC is a full-time ministry, and also involves significant volunteer service, I only have time for three hobbies: my wife's to-do-list, geopolitical research, and collecting antiques of many kinds. I still have a 10-speed Volkscycle that I purchased new when I was 14.  I have a 28 year-old Ford van that I bought new and was the drivers training vehicle for our four children.  My collection includes a potato bug mandolin that has been passed down from Johnston to Johnston for five generations, coins, knives, stamps, LP records and players, 8-track tapes, a 40 year old CB radio, and you name it; if it's old and I think it might be valuable someday, I save it. I even came across a collection of the personal letters written by the first trained female physician in the U.S. 

My wife and I have four talented kids and four lovable grandchildren.