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Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country Teams available for the 2018-2019 season will be Varsity Cross Country and Middle School Cross Country.  We also offer Run Club in the Spring which is open to all students and families of LKNC. You do not need to be a runner; all that's required is that you want to run!


Fall 2018 Varsity Cross Country Schedule

8/25/18 Carolina Kickoff Invitational @ Metrolina Christian Academy

8/28/18 Covenant Classical @ Vietnam Vet Park 

9/4/18 Northwest Cabarrus XC Carnival @ Frank Liske Park

9/6/18 hosted by LKNC @ Fisher Farm  4:45p  ***Cancelled***

9/10/18 Mountain Island Day School @ Camp Thunderbird (Time TBA)

9/13/18 Pinnacle Classical Academy (Location and Time TBA)

9/17/18 Liberty Prep @ Fisher Farm (Time TBA)

9/22/18 Hare & Hounds Invitational @ McAlpine Park (Time TBA)

9/24/18 Fletcher @ McAlpine Park (Time TBA)

9/27/18 hosted by LKNC @ Fisher Farm 4:45p

10/1/18 Back Creek Christian @ Frank Liske Park (Time TBA)

10/4/18 CSAA State Meet - LKNC @ Fisher Farm 4:45p

10/5/18 CSAA State Meeet- LKNC  ***RAIN DATE***

10/15/18 MAAC Conference Meet Tentative Location McAlpine Park (Time TBA)

*Please note schedule is subject to change

*Typically the meets which are TBA start at 4:45p









Varsity Schedule (2017)

09/05/17 NWC Carnival 3K (INV) Time TBD (Frank Liske Park)

09/07/17 LKNC 4:45pm (Fisher Farms)

09/11/17 MID (MAAC) 4:45pm (Frank Liske Park)

09/14/17 Tri-City 5:00pm (Tri-City)

09/18/17 Fletcher (MAAC) 4:45pm (McAlpine Ridge Park)

09/19/17 Gaston Christian 5:00pm (Gaston Christian School)

09/23/17 7th Hare and Hounds (INV) 8:00am (McAlpine Ridge Park)

09/25/17 John Crosland (MAAC) 4:45pm (Frank Liske Park)

09/29/17 LKNC 4:45pm (Fisher Farms)

10/02/17 St. Anne (MAAC) 4:45pm (St. Anne)

10/03/17 Covenant Classical Time TBD (Veterans Park)

10/07/17 CSAA State Meet Time TBD (Lake Lure)

10/11/17 Liberty Prep (MAAC) 4:45 (Location TBD)

10/16/17 MAAC Finals Meet (Time and Location TBD)


Middle School Schedule (2017)

08/26/17 Metrolina Christian Away 7:50am

09/07/17 LKNC 4pm (Fisher Farms)

09/14/17 Tri-City 4pm (Tri-City)

09/19/17 Gaston Christian 3k INV 4:30pm (Gaston Christian)

09/22/17 7th Hare and Hounds 3k INV 5:00pm (McAlpine Ridge Park)

09/29/17 LKNC 4:00pm (Fisher Farms)

10/03/17 Covenant Classical Time TBD (Veterans Park)